How To Grip A Two-Seam Fastball (with Pictures)

  • Last updated Aug. 28, 2015

In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about gripping and throwing a 2-seam fastball with simple, step-by-step instructions...

Once a pitcher learns how to grip a four-seam fastball, he should add a 2-seam fastball to his pitching arsenal.

Here's what it looks like...

Check out this two-seam fastball from MLB pitcher Noah Syndergaard:

Noah Syndergaard two-seam fastball
Image source:

Unlike the four-seam fastball, the two-seamer tends to have some movement to it.

A right-handed pitcher will usually see the ball move down and in toward a right handed hitter—or down and away from a left handed hitter, as seen in the GIF above.

Did you notice how Noah Syndergaard's 98 mph two-seam fastball moves down and away with some hard ride?

This is known as pitching arm side movement.

Although Syndergaard's fastball is 98 mph, the two-seam fastball tends to be a bit slower in velocity than the four seamer.

However, a good pitcher can make up for this loss of speed with the movement generated by the pitch.

How to grip the two seamer

  1. To grip the two seamer, position the ball a bit deeper in your hand than you would a four seam fastball. This will allow for more movement to the pitch.
  2. Place your index and middle finger on the two narrow seams.
  3. Place your thumb comfortably on the underside of the ball.
2-seam fastball grips image
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When throwing the pitch, release the ball much like you would with the four seam fastball.

The grip will allow the ball to move towards your throwing hand side, and may drop the velocity a few miles per hour, creating a good pitch to mix in with the four seamer.

Many pitchers like to throw the two seamer inside to hitters. A right handed pitcher will throw it inside to a right handed hitter.

The natural movement makes it easy to get the ball in on the hands, and makes it difficult for the hitter to make solid contact.

Getting the right amount of movement on the two seam fastball takes practice.

Practice with the grip during warm ups and in bullpens to master this pitch.

Once you can comfortably use it in a game, you will love the extra movement and flexibility a second fastball can offer.

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