Baseball Pitcher

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

The pitcher is the most important position in baseball. Every play starts with the pitcher, and the pitcher controls the pace of the game. Being a successful pitcher requires many physical and mental skills. It also takes a lot of practice, and the more experience you have pitching, the better off you will be.

The main job of a baseball pitcher is to get the hitters out. This can be done in several ways. One way is a strike out, which is when the batter does not put the ball in play after three strikes have been thrown. There are many other ways to get hitters out such as ground balls or fly outs.

Being a good baseball pitcher requires one to possess certain mental skills. Pitching is more of a mental game than it is physical. A baseball pitcher needs to be able to remain calm through adversity, think ahead in situations, anticipate, and be an overall smart baseball player.

Baseball pitchers also must have several important physical skills. The most important skill is being able to throw strikes. A pitcher who walks a lot of hitters will not find a lot of success. Being able to take command of the strike zone is an important skill to have. Also, throwing the baseball with a high velocity will help a pitcher sneak his fastball by the hitter. On the other hand, being able to make the baseball move with different grips is another very important physical trait a good pitcher should possess.

Just like anything in sports, baseball pitching requires a lot of practice. It takes a lot of repetition to master the mechanics of a pitching delivery, and this only helps if those mechanics are GOOD mechanics. Many baseball pitchers start pitching when they are very young, sometimes as young as seven years old! However, it is never too late to start pitching.

If you are interested in being a baseball pitcher, I recommend checking out The Complete Pitcher for lots of great information on pitching. Good luck!


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