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Being a baseball pitcher is one of the most difficult jobs in sports. It requires you to be athletic, competitive, collected, smart, mentally tough, and durable. It takes a special kind of player to possess all of these traits. Yet these traits combine to make a successful baseball pitcher.

Pitching is a unique part of the game of baseball. A hitter is able to take batting practice every day for as long as he wants, without a whole lot of strain on the body. A pitcher can only throw 100% once every four or five days. Already, the advantage goes to the hitter. Not being able to train every day means that a pitcher must take full advantage of his training opportunities.

In order for a pitcher to be successful, he must be mentally tough. All baseball players should have a short term memory. This means that they need to be able to forget a bad play and focus on the next one. But this is especially true for a pitcher. If you make a bad pitch and let up a big hit, you need to be able to train all of your focus on making a good next pitch. This is known as the mental side of pitching, and it is just as important as the physical aspect of the game.

Having good baseball pitching mechanics is also important for a pitcher. The mechanics of pitching have been so heavily analyzed using all sorts of high tech gadgets, pitching equipment and video analysis, that it can be very confusing for some people. In reality, there are only a few fundamentals of pitching that all pitchers should follow, but the small details should come naturally to you. Don't go crazy trying to pitch exactly like another pitcher, or according to what one person says. Pitching should feel natural and comfortable, and should not require seven different slow motion camera angles and hours of analyzing.

Not everyone is cut out to be a baseball pitcher. It is one of the most demanding positions in all of sports, and consequently is not right for everyone. However, if you are someone who likes to be in control, enjoys having the pressure of a game on your shoulders, then baseball pitching may appeal to you. It is one of those things in which you either love it or hate it.

A baseball pitcher must realize that it takes many hours of hard work and practice to become a good pitcher. It won't happen overnight, and it will take a lot of energy to develop one's baseball pitching skills. If a player wants to become a great pitcher, he should understand the commitment it takes to do this. He needs to take this commitment to heart, and put all of his effort into becoming the best pitcher he can be.

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