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If you are looking to improve yourself as a pitcher, a good pitching coach may be what you need. Sometimes it takes a qualified pitching coach to see something that you might not realize you are (or aren't) doing with your pitching mechanics. An ordinary coach can't always do this. 

When looking for a pitching coach, don't automatically assume that just because a coach pitched in the major leagues he is a good pitching coach. There is a big difference with being able to pitch, and being able to help someone pitch. 

You will be much better off finding a coach who specializes in pitching. These coaches know exactly what to look for in a pitcher's mechanics, and they know drills that can help fix certain mechanical issues. 

An even better option is a pitching coach who specializes in a certain age group. Some pitching coaches work with kids 9-12 years old, others choose to work with high school pitchers. These specialized coaches are usually an even better choice because their expectations are appropriate for a certain age group rather than pitchers as a whole. 

When you find a pitching coach and start taking lessons, you want to make sure that he is working with your mechanics, not completely changing them. A good pitching coach knows how to take a pitcher's current mechanics and make slight changes to them to produce a better pitcher in the end. If you find a coach who has a cookie cutter view on pitching, they will try to change all of your mechanics to fit one model of pitching. This is the type of pitching coach you want to avoid. 

A good pitching coach might be the thing you need to get to the next level of your pitching career. These coaches specialize in helping pitchers and may be able to fix something that you didn't even know needed to be fixed. There are certain precautions to take when selecting a good pitching coach, so use your best judgment. 

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