Baseball Pitching For Youth

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

Essential to a successful pitch is a healthy pitcher.

To that end, youth baseball pitchers can take nutritional steps to make sure they are at their physical peak during a game.

Consuming water and restorative juices like Gatorade can help the pitcher keep their body at peak fitness, not only while youth pitching, but at all times.

In terms of optimum health maintenance in youth pitching, a good night’s sleep is an ingredient that cannot be replicated for helping with an important youth baseball pitching match up.

Conversely, mentally stepping away from the game can help in relaxing a youth pitcher’s nerves before an important game.

Great conditioning and training cannot be beaten in youth baseball pitching, but by focusing on another activity or enjoyable pastime, a youth baseball pitcher can feel more relaxed and centered before they go into action.

If a player becomes overly focused on the game or his upcoming youth pitching performance, then all knowledge learned through pitching training is bogged down by stress.

Youth pitching is the central starting point for a successful game. Before the beginning of any game, youth pitchers should make sure that they stretch all the vital parts of the body being used in play.

Running in place, long arm stretches, leg stretches, and practice throws for warm up can be used. Youth baseball pitching coaches can help their pitchers develop a routine that will allow them to be successful.

Youth pitching drills can also help a player warm up, and a pitcher can toss to a practice catcher to keep primed.


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