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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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If you have a loose or “noodle” arm, than the ball that is thrown is likely to be rather loose and messy and will not set up the team for ultimate success.

Good mechanics are crucial for improving and achieving a good a result. And the place to develop good pitching mechanics is in practice.

The best baseball pitchers practice pitching all the time - before games, after games, etc. They make the most of every opportunity to practice pitching and improve their pitching skills.

Keeping your legs in a good support stance also helps pitchers with their games. By slowly moving your legs through the motions of the pitch while pitching the ball towards the catcher, a pitcher is provided with the opportunity to implement methodical stretching techniques.

Also, having the catcher stand behind an imaginary batter is a good idea; the pitcher can get their legs positioned in such a way that they ensure the most direct route from the pitch to the catcher’s mitt.

Maintaining a relationship that subtlety keeps the pitcher and catcher on the same wavelength while not letting the batter gain any information is the ultimate goal of any pitcher.

Maintaining good control of the lower body also helps the pitcher in his game. The stance of having the lower section of the body aligned with the mound and the catcher adds synergy to the rest of the pitching motion.

Further, the follow through of a pitch automatically sets up the pitcher for the next round of plays.

Finally, via constant practice, the pitchers routine is mastered and becomes second nature.

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