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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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The surest way to achieve your baseball pitching goals is to learn using proper pitching technique.

The first step in this process is acquiring a thorough understanding of baseball pitching technique and good pitching mechanics.

The three important techniques of a sound delivery are balance, direction, and timing. Regardless of the particular nuances of any pitcher's delivery, the ability to achieve and maintain balance-that is, body control-throughout his delivery is important.

Maintaining direction to the target and the overall timing of the delivery as it relates to the separation of the hands and the movement forward to the target play huge roles as well.

Remember this, if becoming a major league pitcher is your goal, you must not develop what we call "minor league habits." In other words, don't take shortcuts to developing your pitches; take the time to learn to throw with proper pitching techniques and use your pitches effectively.

Pitching practice has several purposes. Learning to perform, developing, maintaining, and perfecting skills and technique are the basic objectives of a beneficial pitcher's practice.

In the pursuit of these objectives, such areas as developing quality pitches, locating your fastball, fielding your position, developing explosive pitching mechanics, etc., all play important roles during practice.

On the other hand, don't overdo it and become to caught up in your baseball pitching technique to the point where it starts to detract from what you're trying to accomplish.

This type of pitcher makes himself think of too many things at once, becomes confused, and can damage his performance.

A basic understanding of pitching technique and a good bit of work ethic and determination are all that is necessary to put you on the road to solving your own problems and coaching yourself to become a better, more technical pitcher or pitching coach.

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