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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Coaching Little League pitching can be a difficult thing to do. Young players sometimes do not understand certain crucial concepts of the game, making it very hard to teach them. You need to understand a few things in order to successfully coach Little League pitching. 

Young pitchers can get distracted very easily. For this reason, you need to keep their attention. Try to take a boring pitching drill and turn it into a game. Have the pitchers play against each other. For example, if you are teaching them the balance drill, have them partner up and see who can hit the other person in the chest the most. Making the drills more fun and competitive will keep the pitchers focused. 

Keep things simple. Young pitchers don't have the ability to comprehend multiple ideas at once. Pitching is new to them, so if you try to change multiple parts of their mechanics at once, they will be overwhelmed and become frustrated. Only focus on one main mechanical change at a time, so that the young pitcher can focus completely on that one task. 

Repetition is the key to success with Little League pitchers. They will not always remember everything you tell them the first time around. You need to repeat yourself over and over so it gets stuck in their head. Also, keep working with them on the same drills over a span of days so that they can physically remember what you are trying to teach them. 

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