How To Pitch A Fastball

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

The four seam fastball is thrown by every major league pitcher and is the staple pitch.

It is the easiest pitch to throw for accuracy.

The four seam fastball is thrown at maximum velocity.

The tips of the fingers should lay in the valley of the threads. Notice that the thumb is in the 6 o'clock position, as opposed to the two-seam fast ball (below) in which the ball is held in more of a five o'clock position.

Your middle finger should be nearest the "horseshoe". The four seam fastball is not a breaking pitch, but some pitchers can get a rising motion with this pitch.

Change speeds by tightening and loosening the grip and narrowing or widening the split between the fingers.

A cut fast ball uses the 4-seam thread placement but narrows the gap between the fingers with more pressure on the index or middle finger which creates movement (right or left) and the ball is gripped slightly off-center, depending on which break you want.


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