How To Throw A Knuckle Curveball

By Steven Ellis former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

Mike Mussina throws this variation of the curve ball. His knuckle curve ball is downright nasty!

To throw a knuckle curve ball, place your middle finger just to the left of the long seam in the horseshoe made by the seams of the ball. Then curl your index finger up like a knuckle-ball.

Next, throw the knuckle curve ball over the top, pulling the ball down to get tumbling action.

This should be a 12 to 6 break, if you were to look at a clock. You want the knuckle curve ball to move straight down and not to the side.

By curling the index finger up, this will give the ball a sharper break with tighter spin by putting more pressure on the tip of your middle finger.

The knuckle curve ball is a tough pitch to master, but when thrown correctly can be an effective out pitch - or strikeout pitch. And like the change up, when the knuckle curve ball is thrown low, it's a very effective pitch.

If you throw a nuckle curve ball and it seems that the movement goes to the side and not straight down, it's probably because you are spinning the ball from the side.

To fix this and learn how to throw a knuckle curve ball correctly, you need to curve the ball over the top so the spin is tumbling down.

That is how you get the downward movement.

If your hands are big, I would suggest the knuckle-curve, like Mike Mussina. Curl the index finger up and lay the middle finger as you were right next to the seam. Lay your thumb anywhere, so it is comfortable.

Try it in pitching practice or the next time you throw a bullpen!


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