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When learning how to throw a knuckle ball, you first want to find a comfortable grip. The knuckle ball grip is your foundation to a great knuckler.

First, don't grab the seams! You want to firmly place two or three fingernails into the rawhide of the baseball then rotate the ball toward the palm of your hand.

I prefer a slight pressure from the palm of my hand onto the ball. Position your thumb so that it is comfortable.

Remember: The purpose of the nuckle ball grip is to take the spin off the ball. Experiment with how to throw a knuckle ball until it becomes natural and comfortable.

The release of the knuckle pitch allows you to propel the ball toward the plate with little or no spin on the ball. You want to firm up your wrist and as you release the ball your fingers should extend outward toward your target. Don't push the ball; you must throw or thrust it.

Remember that learning to throw a knuckle ball is not an overnight process. It takes time to teach your mind and body the muscle memory required to throw this very unique pitch. Don't get frustrated but challenge yourself to learn it.

Knuckle ball drills can give you a good jump-start and guide to accomplish your goal of throwing a knuckle ball that's effective and successful.

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