How To Throw A Gyroball

  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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The gyro ball was scientifically perfected by use of a super computer, and in the words of gyroball pitching enthusiast Will Carroll, author of the book Saving The Pitcher, "A good gyro is impossible to hit." Here's how to throw a gyro ball.

Grip the ball as you would when you throw a fast ball.

Throw the ball, with your hips and shoulders in sync. As your shoulder turns and your arm comes forward and down, twist your arm so the back of your hand faces you. Snap your wrist back and pull your fingers down instead of the normal movement of your arm after a pitch (the same idea as a curve ball).

Turn your wrist. When the ball leaves your hand, turn your wrist so your palm faces to the left. The unique spin of the gyro does not cause pressure differences around the ball like other pitches do.

How to throw a gyroball - gyroball pitching grips

Practice makes the good pitch. This pitch is a very complex subject, and can only fully be performed by a select few. In some ways, it is more of an idea than a pitch. However, you can definitely find books out there about it. Try throwing it in a knuckleball motion, pushing the ball instead of an overhand throw.

I'd spend your time working on other baseball pitches first, but the gyro ball is nasty when it works!

Let's see your pitching grips! Take pics and post them on the discussion forums here.

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