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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Being in the best shape possible is a key factor in being a productive pitcher.

To be in good shape a pitcher must go through some type of pitching training or pitching strength and conditioning.

The more training an pitcher can go through, the better he will become.

With pitchers, running should be at the top of the workout list. Conditioning is extremely important.

Pitchers need to have strong legs because that is what carries them through the game. When pitchers start getting tired they need to use their legs more; this will allow them to finish strong. Without a good base a pitcher is more likely to fatigue faster and not be as productive.

There are two aspects to look at when choosing a conditioning work out. Pitchers need to have endurance as well as power. Endurance allows them to finish the game strong, and power allows them to pitch harder. There are different running workouts to help both of these.

Pitchers need to be explosive when coming off the mound in order to get maximum power and speed on their pitch. The first push should be the most powerful movement in the pitch.

Ways to obtain a powerful push off:

  • Sprints, 100m and less
  • Running up bleachers or stairs
  • Running up a tunnel or stairs

Endurance is a necessity when it comes to pitching. Not only is it hard enough on the body to finish one game, but to play multiple games in one weekend or playing back to back requires a little extra. Running long distance or longer periods of time helps gain endurance.

Ways to gain endurance:

  • Long Distance (1-3 miles)
  • Longer sprints ( 200m +)
  • Consecutive sprints, give your self shorter rest periods.

Finally, work your way up, don't try to go run three miles on your first day. Start with trying to run a mile every other day. You can increase the intensity as needed. Your goal should be to eventually get to the point to where you can run 30 min every other day.

If you wish to run every day you should alternate long distance with sprints. Don't run the day before a game; you want your legs to be fresh. It is best to run after your pitching routines. And always stretch after running.

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