Do You Know How Far Little League Pitching Distance Is?

By Steven Ellis former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

Do You Know How Far Little League Pitching Distance Is?All Little League baseball players play on a smaller baseball field. The distance between the bases is shorter. The infield and outfield dimensions are smaller. The distance between the pitching rubber and home plate in little league baseball is also shorter.

The official little league pitching distance is 46 feet.

The pitching mound is also slightly shorter in height; it's raised by a gradual slope to an elevation of 6 inches above the level of home plate and the base paths.

And the rubber or pitcher's plate is 4 inches depth by 18 inches wide.

Here are some additional pitching distances that may be helpful for you as you compare little league pitching distance with other pitching mound distances:

Little League baseball pitching distance - 46 feet

Pony League baseball pitching distance - 54 feet

Babe Ruth baseball league pitching distance - 60 feet, 6 inches

High school pitching distance & beyond - 60 feet, 6 inches


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