Little League Pitching Guidelines

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

1. Develop your faculty of observation.

2. Conserve your energy.

3. Make contact with players, especially catchers and infielders, and listen to what they have to say.

4. Work everlastingly for control.

5. When you are on the field always have a baseball in your hand and don't slouch around. Run for a ball.

6. Keep studying the hitters for their weak and strong points. Keep talking with your catchers.

7. Watch your physical condition and your mode of living.

8. Always pitch to the catcher and not the hitter. Keep your eye on that catcher and make him your target before letting the ball go.

9. Find your easiest way to pitch, your most comfortable delivery and stick to it.

10. Work for what is called a rag arm. A loose arm can pitch overhanded, side arm, three quarter, underhanded, any old way, to suit the situation at hand.

11. Don't beef at the umpire. Keep pitching with confidence and control of yourself as well as the ball. Don't get it into your head the umpire is your worst enemy. Fury is as hard on you physically as emotionally.


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