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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Velocity is not the most important aspect of pitching for Little Leaguers. If a pitcher can't throw strikes, he will not succeed no matter how strong his arm is. However, velocity does have its importance, and being able to at least throw at average velocity for your age will help you. 

The younger a pitcher is, the more effective he can be with a slower velocity. The hitters are simply not good enough to hit accurate pitching. Just throwing the ball for a strike will usually be enough to get the majority of young hitters out. 

As kids get older, they become better hitters. It takes a bit more than just the ability to throw strikes to get the hitters out. This is when velocity can start to play a significant role in a pitcher's success. 

The harder someone throws, the more room for error they have when pitching to a certain spot in the strike zone. If their velocity is fast enough, the hitter won't be able to hit the ball no matter the location. This is especially true for the younger ages. 

Being able to throw hard at a young age is a good thing, but it is definitely not necessary. The ability to throw strikes consistently is the most important part of Little League Pitching. 

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