My 24 Favorite Little League Pitching Tips

By Steven Ellis former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

My 24 Favorite Little League Pitching TipsAlthough I pitched in the Chicago Cubs organization, I played three years of little league baseball. Although my playing days are over, I still coach pitchers at the little league level. Here are 24 of my favorite little league baseball pitching tips for coaches and players who want to get the most out of their training and development.

1. Master the corners and the low pitch. The strike low and away comes close to being the unhittable pitch.

2. Be relaxed both mentally and physically, you are in control.

3. Concentration is vital. Visualize the path of the pitch before you throw it.

4. Try to throw a strike on the first pitch to every batter, it will put you ahead.

5. Have somebody keep track of what each batter did her last time at bat. Especially if she is a first pitch swinger.

6. Don’t be afraid to pitch to any hitter - you have the element of surprise on your side.

7. Don’t try to strike out every batter - respect the hitter and let your defense help you.

8. Forget about pressure - focus on your target and hit it.

9. Don’t get upset or angry - this will destroy your focus.

10. Always throw the ball hard - don’t aim it!

11. Don’t be afraid to admit you are tired or injured.

12. Work batters more carefully with runners on base. Don’t get careless.

13. Always remember you are in control of the game. Nothing can happen until you release the pitch. TAKE YOUR TIME!

14. Remember you are a fielder after you release the ball.

15. Keep your concentration even when the batter has just hit the most unlikely, most perfectly delivered pitch you’ve ever made.

16. Be confident with what you have, but never be afraid to try something new.

17. Make all hitters earn their way on base. A batter you walk will somehow result in a run scored more times than not.

18. Some days pitches are great but are being hit everywhere, some days pitches are lousy and the batters are missing them all. Always keep trying your hardest and remain confident.

19. Attack each pitch one at a time and don’t worry about what might happen if you throw a ball.

20. Work the umpire and learn his strike zone early in the game (like the first inning) and make an adjustment.

21. Don’t become predictable, change your strategy throughout the game.

22. Continue to use your off-speed stuff even if it isn’t perfect. A change-up in the dirt will nonetheless throw a hitter’s timing off.

23. Try to get a game ball before every game to warm up with.

24. Allow yourself plenty of time for pre-game warm up. It is your responsibility to know how much time you have.


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