Momentum Pitching

  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Momentum pitching is all about a pitcher generating momentum in his windup to get his body moving toward home plate so that the momentum generated in the body transfers into high pitch velocity. Combining a fast movement toward home plate with a long stride is how many advocates of momentum pitching teach it. This creates significantly more momentum than a pitcher can get by moving slow and controlled as with "traditional" pitching mechanics.

My take? Generating momentum is fine, but racing toward the plate is not necessarily the answer. Make sure that no matter what tempo you have toward the plate, that its something you can control and repeat over and over - and that it helps you pitch injury free.

See the videos below for examples of momentum pitching.

Here's a clip of Whitey Ford who some say was the predecessor of momentum or "classical" pitching mechanics.

Here are two videos of a young pitcher with great momentum pitching mechanics.

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