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Attending a pitching camp can be a huge benefit, or a waste of money. The difference is determined by who is running the camp, as well as what your mindset is going into the camp. Are you an inexperienced pitcher attending an advanced camp? Vice versa? 

When looking for a pitching camp, you should look for one that suits your talent requirements. If you are a high level, advanced pitcher, you should be looking for an advanced pitching camp where you can be taught something new instead of just reviewing what you already know. 

On the other hand, if you are a new pitcher and don't have a lot of experience, you want to look for beginners pitching camp so you can learn the very important basics of pitching. If you don't know the basic yet, it would do you no good to attend an advanced camp where everything is over your head. 

Another factor to consider when choosing the camp is who is hosting it. If you are at the age of college recruitment, you might want to attend a pitching camp hosted by the school you wish to play for in college. Now, if you are a right-handed pitcher throwing low 80s, don't waste your money going to a high profile school's camps like Texas or Miami. If you don't have a realistic shot at playing at a school, it is not worth the couple hundred dollars (or more) to attend these camps. 

Instead, pick three schools that you realistically could play for, and attend their camps. If you are a good fit for these schools, you will benefit in two ways. The first is that the coaches will see that you are a good fit, and might put you down on their recruit list. The other benefit is that you will receive instruction that suits your talent level better than a very high profile school's camp would. 

When selecting a pitching camp, it is important to consider all of these factors. Make sure you are getting the best instruction for your money. Don't be lured into spending a few hundred dollars on a camp for a school you have no shot at playing for. 

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