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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Pitching clinics can be a great way to be seen by potential colleges, but they are also a great way to lose money and be taken advantage of. 

Every year, hundreds of colleges around the country send out letters to "prospect" players. These letters tell these players that they are a potential prospect, and they are invited to their "exclusive" clinic to be seen by college coaches, and even be considered as a recruit! All of this for the low price of $500. 

Not all college pitching clinics are like this. In fact, they can be a great training tool for pitchers who want to improve their game. Many college coaches are very knowledgeable and can be a great asset when you are looking for help with your pitching. Also, if you perform well at a college pitching clinic, you will have a better chance of being recruited by the school. 

So what is the difference between a good clinic and a bad clinic? It all depends on who you are as a player. For example, many big schools like the University of Miami send out hundreds and even thousands of "prospect" letters to high school pitchers asking them to attend their clinic. This is a great way for the school to make a lot of money for the baseball program. The fact is, if you do not have a realistic chance of playing for a school, going to their camp will be a waste of money. 

An argument for this is that you will receive great instruction at these big name schools' clinics. That may be true, but for the hundreds of dollars you are paying, you can find much better instruction elsewhere. 

My advice is to focus on a few realistic schools that you want to play for and go to their camps. Chances are, you will receive much more appropriate instruction, and you will have a legitimate chance at being recruited by the school. 

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