Pitching Curve Balls

By Steven Ellis former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

One of the key elements of throwing an effective curve ball is pitching mechanics. Many baseball pitchers and coaches think that throwing a curveball is nothing more than throwing a fastball, but with a slight twist.

This is not the case.

Should you attempt to emulate a curveball by using a slightly altered fastball technique, you not only run the risk of a weak throw, but repeated use of this approach can lead to shoulder and elbow problems.

It takes time to master throwing a curveball. Here are six curveball pitching tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

1. Should be thrown with little less speed than the fastball, but the same motion.

2. Shorten your stride on the curve.

3. Lead with your chest and elbow and back of wrist should face batter upon release.

4. Stay on top of the ball and pull forward and across the body to the left knee. Wrist should end up wrapped around his waist.

5. On curve ball should have pitch change two planes -- down and away.

6. Karate chop best describes hand acceleration required for a good curve ball.


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