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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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1. I am not intimidated by any hitter.
2. I am determined to dominate this hitter, this game.
3. I will throw each pitch to the very best of my ability.
4. I am going to keep the batter off guard by throwing her what she least expects.
5. The batter doesn’t have a chance to drive the ball off me.
6. If a batter beats me once, she will not get the same chance again.
7. I will learn from my mistakes and not make the same mistake twice.
8. I will get the batter to swing at bad pitches by staying confident and consistent.
9. I am going to use my best pitch TODAY for my strike pitch.
10. I will pitch to the umpire’s strike zone.
11. I will study, watch and talk with other pitchers.
12. If I am not playing in the game, I will chart and study the hitters.
13. I will accept criticism as a positive aspect, as a way of improving my overall game.
14. I will trust my catcher and work with her to get each batter.
15. I will block out the crowd and focus all my attention on pitching and playing the game.
16. I will be up for every team and not take any team lightly.
17. I will do what is best for my team and lead by example.

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