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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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This pitchers' throwing program is designed for the baseball pitcher to work at his own pace to develop the necessary arm strength to begin throwing from a mound. It is important to recognize that this pattern of throwing has been designed to introduce added load to your shoulder in a safe progression. You are to throw two days in a row and then rest for one, throw two days in a row and then rest for two. It is not important and not encouraged to progress to the next throwing level with each outing. It is preferred that you throw comfort at the same level on two consecutive outings before progressing. It is important to throw with comfort which may necessitate you moving back a level on occasion. For example, if on the second consecutive day of throwing you do not feel you can complete the exercise without difficulty, move back a level. It is rare any athlete progresses through the program without moving back a level on one or often more outings.

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