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You have goals set for yourself, even if you think you do not. This process occurs in the subconscious mind. Make the most of your subconscious thoughts by following these seven steps. It will shape future events in your life from pitching to life away from the pitcher's mound.

1. Set a clear precise goal
One in which you must achieve. Whatever the goal, make it specific and put it in writing. For example, throwing first pitch strikes to hitters or putting hitters away when you have two strikes on them are goals that are necessairy to be a successful pitcher and should be written down.

2. Set a relaistic time frame
There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic time frames. For example, if you want to throw harder, it simply won't happen over night. Instead, if you dedicate yourself to following a strict weight training regimen, you can expect to see velocity improvements over the course of a 8-10 week off season.

3. Break down goals
Arrange long term goals into short term goals: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

4. Measure progress
Make corrections as needed. Note progress, what you have learned from failures, and write it all down so you can reference it in the future. This way you can see what made you successful or unsuccessful and can make adjusts accordingly.

5. Create motivation
"Desire" what it will mean for you to accomplish the goal.

6. Create mental pictures of success
See yourself attaining the goal using all senses: touch, sight, hear, taste, and smell. Bring the visualized experience to life! For example, picture yourself making the perfect pitch in the 9th inning of a close game with runners on base and threatening to score. Hear the crowd roar, smell the hot dog stand, see nothing but your catcher's glove, etc.

7. Believe in your abilities
Maintain a positive attitude and never, ever surrender to your dreams!

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