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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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The closing pitcher has one of the hardest jobs in baseball. It is their duty to finish out a game and seal the win. They will sit in the bullpen the entire game, and finally they get the call to go into the game usually in the last inning. 

Being a closing pitcher means getting the job done every single time. Your team relies on you to finish a game and keep the opposing team from scoring. You might only be out on the mound for an inning, but you need to make sure that one inning is a great one. 

Since you are only going to be pitching for an inning or two, it is to your advantage to throw with all of your energy. Unlike a starter, you might only throw 10-20 pitches. There is no need to hold anything back for the short time you are out there. 

Make sure you get ahead and stay ahead of the hitters. Falling behind hitters late in the game is a good way to allow big hits. Also, getting ahead in the count will prevent them from walking. A walk in the last inning is a good way to lose the game. 

A lot of times you will be called into the game with runners on base. Because of this, make sure you are comfortable pitching from the stretch. Most closers don't even pitch from the windup even if there are no runners on base. 

Be confident! As your team's closer, the coaching staff obviously has a lot of trust in you to get the job done. You are the best person for the job. Go into the game with confidence and don't back down from any hitter. 

Hopefully these tips will help you as a closing pitcher. Get the job done, throw with 100% of your energy, and stay ahead of the hitters. Doing these simple things will help you and your team win a lot of game. 

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