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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Pitching videos are a great training tool. They can used in a variety of ways, but the most common uses for pitching videos is watching professional pitchers' mechanics, and watching yourself pitch. 

Next time you pitch, have someone video tape you. Make sure they tape you from behind the catcher as well as from the third base side if you are a RHP. These views are the best for determining any flaws in your mechanics. 

After you tape yourself, first look over the video by yourself and try to find any mistakes you think you are making. Next, bring it to a coach or instructor and have them look at it. Often times you will miss things that will be obvious to a good coach. 

Another way to use pitching videos as a training tool is to watch videos of professional pitchers. You can usually find slow motion videos of these pitchers which is a great way to see exactly what they are doing to throw with such high velocity and movement. 

Take heed however, because it is not a smart idea to copy exactly what a professional pitcher is doing. Every pitcher is different with a different body. What might work for one pitcher might end up hurting you. Instead, look for common themes with all of the professional pitchers and work on incorporating those themes into your own mechanics. 

After you record yourself pitching, post your video on the Let's Talk Pitching discussion forum so that many experienced coaches and pitchers can give you feedback on your mechanics. 

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