Weighted Baseball Program

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

One of the most discussed and controversial training devices in baseball are weighted baseballs. A large majority of people claim that these slightly heavier than normal baseballs are detrimental to a pitcher's arm and should be avoided, while another smaller group claim they are an excellent training tool.

When used correctly, weighted baseballs can be a great training tool for pitchers. Weighted baseballs vary in weight from 6 oz all the way up to a few pounds, each with a different purpose.

A common use for weighted baseballs is to get the arm loose. Doing arm circles with a heavy ball is a good way to get the joints loose and warmed up. The extra weight helps to get the arm swinging around on its own which will get the joint very loose.

Another exercise using weighted baseballs is some light tossing. Using a 6 oz ball, play catch with a partner taking care to use good form. Doing this will make a normal 5 oz ball feel very light. If you do this enough, your arm will get stronger and your velocity will increase.

When using weighted baseballs, don't use a ball that is too heavy to throw with. Using really heavy balls to play catch with can mess up your shoulder. If you want to use a weighted ball to throw with, only go up to a 6 or 7 oz ball at the most.

For more weighted baseball throwing programs, do a Google search. There are many different programs out there, but be sure to consult a coach before beginning a weighted ball program.



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