4 Good Youth Baseball Pitching Drills You Can Use In Practice

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

4 Good Youth Baseball Pitching Drills You Can Use In PracticeI have many books on baseball. I have a few youth baseball pitching drills that help with figuring out mechanics and polishing them as well. Here are four youth baseball pitching drills that you can use to practice your pitching or to help the pitchers you're working with improve.

1. Follow Through Drill

Stand in front of a chair with your stride foot in proper landing position. Place your Glove arm side leg on the chair with the inside of your foot. Come to the set position and break your hands then (if able) throw to a target. This drill forces you to bend your back and follow through with your back leg.

2. Kneel Drill

I used this to warm up both in high school and college.
kneeling with your glove arm side leg off the ground go through the normal throwing motion with your chest ending up out over your glove arm side knee. This helps with follow through along with most of the upper body action in your pitches.

3. Spot Drill

Mr Kreber, once a poster on this forum, loved this drill when I was on his team. When throwing bullpens, spot from a 60-75% throw. 3 low and inside 3 high and inside 3 low and outside and 3 high and outside. Do this with ALL of your pitches.

4. Leg Swing Drill

This is for the ones who kick their leg up rather than lifting. Some people prefer the kick so not everyone will be able to use these. Start from the stretch with your lead leg BEHIND your plant leg. Lift up to the balance position and proceed with the throw. This can also help to teach leading with the hips.


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