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  • Last updated Aug. 27, 2015

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Young pitchers throw from different distances than older pitchers. This distance varies from league to league, but pitcher's usually begin throwing from around 46 feet when they first learn to pitch around the age of eight or nine. 

The typical distance increments that pitchers progress through is 46, 52, and 60 feet. As the players get older, their pitching distance increases. By the time a player reaches high school age, they should be able to pitch from 60 feet without any problems. 

When jumping up in pitching distance, young pitchers will usually have some problems with their accuracy. The longer distance will seem like a huge increase, even though it is only a few feet. Be sure to take some time before the next season to practice throwing from the farther distance. It is nearly impossible to get out on the mound from the new distance and throw with your best accuracy. 

The biggest difference with the longer distance is with breaking balls. Usually by the time a pitcher is throwing from 52 feet, they already know how to throw a change up and possibly even a curveball. Once they make the jump to 60 feet, they will find that their off speed is coming up short of the plate. This is a big thing to get used to, so be sure to practice a lot with your off speed before officially pitching from the farther distance. 

To find out the age limits for certain pitching distances, you will want to contact your league administrator. 

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