Youth Pitching Motion

By Steven Ellis, former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

Here are some components of a quality baseball pitching motion for youth pitchers.

  • Balance inside of back and stride foot
  • Stay Tall/head over pivot foot/have inward knee on pivot leg
  • Lift Leg, let foot hang/front hip higher than back hip
  • Rotate and show front pocket/Pause and balance
  • Hands close to body
  • Fingers on top of ball, thumb underneath/extend wrist
  • Elbows slightly in front of shoulder
  • Pivot knee relaxed & unlocked/Toe slightly open
  • Forward Movement

No movement until knee drops

  • Break hands as knee drops, thumbs down, force elbows up/ extend wrist
  • Lead with hip, keep R(RH) shoulder back momentarily/front hip higher than rear
  • Move side of hip, leg, foot forward, stay closed
  • Resist Turning Keep elbows in front of shoulders , shoulders on Line
  • Elbows shoulder high
  • Landing

Stride ball of foot to ball of foot

  • Front shoulder closed until foot plant
  • Head at center of triangle up to foot plant
  • Elbows shoulder high
  • Ball facing SS (RH) 2nd (LH), fingers on top of ball/wrist forward
  • Eyes level
  • Land plant foot slightly closed, on ball of foot
  • Firm plant foot, Thigh at 135 degree angle for release
  • Don't let knee drift forward after plant
  • Release Ball

Arch back thrust chest

  • Hand outside elbow as arm accelerates
  • Eyes level
  • Have full extension on wrist/wrist laid back
  • Move to 75 % of stride Rotate hips, trunk, shoulders…EXPLOSION
  • Arms and shoulder rotate around head
  • Flex back forward, release ball at same angle as back
  • Roll over back foot (pivot post ankle)
  • Don't let knee drift
  • Pull back knee forward and In for velocity Back leg comes off rubber before release
  • Drive glove hand back to chest at rotation/or keep over stride foot
  • Throw thru the target, watch target not ball flight
  • Flick wrist upon release, Pull ball hand down across body
  • Finish with head over landing knee
  • Follow thru by showing back pocket/heel over after push off foot lands

Checkpoints of a proper pitching motion

  • Keep your head over your pivot foot thru-out the entire delivery
  • No forward momentum toward home plate until your lift leg reaches it apex
  • Lift – don't kick – your leg up to its maximum height
  • Hold your hands at the center of gravity – from belly button to upper-chest level
  • Maintain the same upper-body posture you achieve in the balance phase of the delivery
  • Take a controlled fall toward home plate in the tall posture you achieved at balance
  • As you begin to move toward home plate, make sure your entire front side – foot, hip, elbow, knee, and glove is aligned with home plate. This is know as a closed, compact delivery. Hips must stay directional (toward home plate) until the landing foot hits. All hip rotation takes place after this point.
  • Land with your front side directional but your landing foot "closed off" – a right-hander's left big toe should point slightly toward the third-base side of home plate; a left-hander's right big toe should point slightly toward the first-base side of home through the body and into the arm at your release point, and ultimately ensures a less stressful deceleration of the arm.


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